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Strategic Business Decisions Require Strategic Lawyers
Let's face it.

Operating a profitable business demands much more than good business sense. It requires vision, leadership and talented people to make it all happen.

It also requires solid legal advice from strategic attorneys who know the consequences of bad decision making in today's economy. That is why so many Wisconsin businesses rely on The Schroeder Group.

In The News

Sally Piefer
Piefer Elected to Feeding America
Eastern Wisconsin Board of Directors

Attorney Sally Piefer has been elected to the Board of Directors for Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin. In addition to serving on the Board, Sally will serve on the Human Resources and Communications committees.
Who We Support: Hurricanes Select Youth Baseball
Did you know that TSG supports a community organization each month? For April, employees will collect donations for Hurricanes Select Youth Baseball to support their efforts to develop young players into solid athletes and good citizens through a variety of community service initiatives.
The Right Decision ...

"In 15 years we grew our company to $25 million and now have $100 million in our sights. I've had legal counsel with all the 'big boys' downtown, but nobody's better than The Schroeder Group."

— James Pekar, First Choice Ingredients

"The work performed was completed in a timely fashion, within tight deadlines, did not exceed our budget and our list of expectations were met."

— Eric W. Hoaglund, Brookdale Senior Living

"We have found The Schroeder Group to be a key partner, contributing to our success in a number of ways. They work as a team to put forth an efficient and cost effective solution."

— David J Vetta, First Business Bank

Helping The Community Is a Group Effort